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JOB SUMMARY:        The CEO is responsible for the administration and supervision of all programs, fiscal affairs, personnel, and public relations as this relates to the needs of the agency.

ACCOUNTABILITY:   The CEO is directly responsible to the Board of Directors. The Board Chairperson, with appropriate input, will evaluate the CEO.


         I. A Bachelor’s degree with a major in special education, social work, rehabilitation or a related field; Master’s preferred and

         II. A minimum of two years work experience with persons with developmental disabilities: and

         III. A minimum if two years of supervisory or business/management experience.



         a. Along with Board and staff, establish annual long-term goals and short-term objectives that will best serve the needs of the clients.

         b. With the Management Team, develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the program areas and their fulfillment of client and community needs.

         c. With the Management Team, develop and supervise the admission policies and procedures as they pertain to the individual referral, placement or termination.

         d. With the Management Team, supervise the completion of assessments and individualized program plans; and, when requested by the Program Directors, attend review meetings.

         e. Actively pursue new programs and services to better meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in the community.

         f. Supervise and evaluate the job performance of the management team.



         a. Annually establish a budget for approval by the Board of Directors.

         b. Oversee implementation and operation of the Budget.

         c. Review monthly financial statements with the Board of Directors.

         d. Propose and enact investment options that best utilize agencies monies.

         e .Negotiate necessary service agreements, licenses, leases, other contracts and maintain communications with authorized agents.



         a. Utilize community resources to the best interest of the program and its clients.

         b. Plan and coordinate the public relations of the agency.

         c. Coordinate planning with community agencies and resources for services for persons with developmental disabilities

         d. Serve as representative of the agency to the community. Communicate with the public and serve as the key contact for media outlets and other organizations within the community.



         a. Report any suspected abuse or neglect.

         b. Maintain confidentiality of matters pertaining to clients and staff.

         c. Ensure that the facility, program materials, and procedures in use comply with the requirements of regulating agencies.

         d. Participate in professional organizations and associations related to agency operations.

         e. Acquire ongoing knowledge of legislative changes and their effects.



         a. In conjunction with the Board Chairperson, prepare Board meetings agendas.

         b. Attend all Board meetings and make a monthly written report on the status of the agency’s operations.

         c. Assist in the orientation and training of new Board members.

         d. Serve as liaison between the agency staff and Board.



    Supervise the Personnel Coordinator and Program Directors and maintain ultimate responsibility to ensure delegated staff:

         a. Organize and lead regular Management Team meetings.

         b. Conduct employee performance evaluations.



         a. Meet with family members as requested.

         b. Attend in-service, professional development training and seminars related to the agency.

         c. Assist in planning the Annual Meeting. Prepare and present Annual Report.

         d. Ensure that the building, materials, and equipment are properly maintained.

         e. Carry out other directives, as directed, from the Board of Directors

         f. Attend, as non-voting member, Reach Foundation meetings


Please send your cover letter and resume to Jim Thomas at 

Applications due by Friday, March 20th, 2020

REACH, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and fully subscribes to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity. The policy of this company to provide employment, compensation, and other benefits related to employment based on qualification without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, disability, or any other bias prohibited by state or federal law.


As an equal opportunity employer, this company intends to comply fully with all federal and state laws and the information requested on this application will not be used for any purpose prohibited by law. Applicants may request any needed accommodations.


We currently have the following openings:

Opportunities are available for persons to work with adults with developmental disabilities, designing and implementing day service and vocational programming. Work with individuals to facilitate the highest level of independence on the job through documentation of behaviors, positive feedback and coaching, and carrying through specifically designed habilitation training.


Responsibilities include case management, program development, community integration, and client supervision.

Check back on this page for new job postings as they become available.

For more information about our employment opportunities, contact us today


  • Experience with adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness required

  • Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds occasionally

  • Must be able to work at least 34 hours per week between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm

  • Must have good oral and written communication skills

Responsibilities include child observation, child supervision, implementation of lesson plans, parent communication, child discipline, and classroom management. Positions are available in our preschool and infant/toddler classrooms.

  • Must have completed one course for credit in Early Childhood

  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds regularly

  • Must be able to and have experience communicating in verbal and written formats

  • Must be able to work 40 hours per week between the hours of 5:30 am and 6:00 pm

  • Some part-time positions available

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Application for Employment with REACH

Program Assistant (1 opening)

Assistant Teacher - Hand in Hand

Please Send Resume and Cover Letter to:


Stacy H. Wigfield

2205 Heimstead Road

Eau Claire, WI 54703




Apply Online

“I like the friendly people, good atmosphere, and the jobs I learn to do.”

- Ted K.

Assists through direct service and skill training the developmentally disabled, chronically mentally ill and AODA participants to successfully integrate into the community workforce.

  • Conducts job task analysis to determine basic elements of the job

  • Breaks jobs/tasks into teachable parts

  • Identifies possible learning barriers and determines best suitable training methods

  • Introduces jobs/tasks systematically to learner

  • Observes and records employee’s job performance and work behaviors

Job Coach - Eau Claire & Menomonie

Lead Teacher establishes and maintains a safe, healthy, naturing, fully inclusive learning environment.  Provide a positive early childhood experience by encouraging children to develop a healthy self-concept and positive self esteem.  Adance each child’s skills in the following developmental areas:  large and small motor, language/communication, social/emotional and cognitive

  • Develops weekly plans and implements age appropriate curriculum

  • Provide a developmentally appropriate classroom environment that reflects the child’s learning and growth

  • Maintain ongoing and open communication with parents/caregivers

  • Assures a healthy, safe, clean and developmentally appropriate environment for children

Lead Teacher